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WELLderness Workshops

Join us this summer for FREE outdoor workshops for adults centered around mental health and overall well-being.


These events are limited to ages 14+.

They take place at the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, 1550 Anacostia Ave Northeast in Washington, DC.

The F.L. Wolters Group Connecting to Our Emotions

Connecting to Our Emotions

Participants in this workshop will explore their feelings and practice expressing their emotions in creative ways, including through dance, visual art, journaling and interpersonal communication, in order to promote improved emotion regulation.


The term emotion regulation refers to a person's capacity to manage their emotions effectively, and research shows that it is associated with greater personal and financial well-being. 

The F.L. Wolters Group releasing

Releasing Grief and Honoring Loss


Grief—that emotion that at times can feel like a lump in the throat, or a heaviness in your heart, or perhaps it may feel like a total shock. We all experience grief in different stages, varying emotions, and have unique ways of processing how to release grief and honor our loved ones.


In this workshop, we will create an environment where we can collectively support one another’s grieving journey and use nature to help plant seeds for our healing.

The F.L. Wolters Group Outdoor Workshop

Using Mandalas to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude and mindfulness can help to reduce anxiety and build happiness.


This workshop will combine these practices by inviting participants to create gratitude mandalas. No particular skills are required. Using the Aquatic Gardens for inspiration, Jenny will lead exercises on identifying and expanding feelings of gratitude, the mindfulness of creating mandalas, and how to draw simple or more complex mandalas.


Participants will create their own mandalas and will have the opportunity to add to a community mandala, as well. 

The F.L. Wolters Group

Learning to Reduce Stress to Promote Wellbeing

Most individuals experience stress to varying degrees, and we are all familiar with the word stress, but what is it? How does it affect you?


How can you recognize stress in your life? And how do you handle it? Participants in this workshop will expand self-awareness about one’s own stress, increase understanding of the impact of stress and learn effective ways to manage it. 

The F.L. Wolters Group Outdoor workshop

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation


Have you heard that mindfulness and meditation can be beneficial for your mental health? It’s true! Interested in giving it a try? This workshop will cover a range of techniques - from breath awareness to a body scan - that will be accessible to beginners.


Participants in the workshop will learn simple exercises to find greater ease during times of stress, all while connecting with others in a beautiful park setting.

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