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FL Wolters Group Case Management

Case Management

Our practice is now offering a new service to clients: case management. Once referred by their therapist, clients can review their existing treatment plans with a case manager, who will help fill any treatment gaps by coordinating and integrating support services to promote clients’ well-being. Case managers can help you identify goals and develop a specific plan to reach those goals, meeting with you periodically to assess progress and adjust the treatment plan as needed, to help you overcome any challenges that emerge. 


For example, case managers can help you understand how your insurance works, locate and sign up for relevant support groups, schedule appointments with a psychiatrist or another therapist who is in-network with your insurance, apply for government assistance, or even find and register for an exercise class, among other options. 

These case management services will be provided by graduate students who are training to become Licensed Professional Counselors. The cost will be $35 per appointment. Note: case management services are not covered by insurance. Clients who are interested in scheduling a case management appointment should speak with their therapist to get a referral.


If you have any questions about case management at the F.L. Wolters Group, feel free to contact us!

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